There’s a disappointing predictability about the way letter writers like Jim Benson defend Trump. I appreciate his willingness to put himself out there publicly in favor of our former president. But he says Biden’s policies will destroy America.

Which policies? Details matter.

He claims in his May 30 letter that we’re headed “to the graveyard that other socialist anti-Christian nations … have succumbed to.” Anti-Christian? Where’s the evidence? I look forward to hearing the details.

What about Mr. Benson’s mention of socialism, a word we’ll probably hear in every Republican ad throughout this election cycle and the next? Real socialism (Russia under Stalin) means government ownership of the means of production.

America does practice “socialism light” — Medicaid, Medicare, VA health care, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. However, ideas like Medicare for all and free college tuition would be expensive mistakes.

Mr. Benson also says the country has been “on a downward spiral” since the Obama administration. But Trump succeeded Obama. Wasn’t he part of that descent?

So why is reasoned discourse so rare now, especially in Washington? Driven by ratings, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson knows that many viewers will applaud his claims that the George Floyd murder trial jurors voted to convict Derek Chauvin to avoid instigating another riot. Really? Did Carlson actually see the crime scene video?

He also says that forcing kids to wear masks amounts to child abuse. I wonder how many viewers take his advice over that of epidemiologists who’ve trained for 11 years.

Dave Griffiths, Mechanic Falls

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