DEAR SUN SPOTS: I need an electric typewriter for my church. I can be contacted at [email protected]. I enjoy your service. — Nancy, no town

ANSWER: If you don’t get an offer of a donated typewriter, or one for a nominal fee, you may want to check out Facebook Marketplace, Craig’s List, or eBay. I just took a peek and there were quite a few listed, some for as low as $20. Let us know what happens!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for a VHS cleaning tape. I am 91 years old and still like watching my tapes from my rocking chair. My son can bring me to pick this item up. Please contact me at 402-4811. — Cecile, no town

ANSWER: Can anyone help this lovely Sun Spots reader out? I also want to add that these cleaning tapes can be ordered through Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy for under $10.

There is also a YouTube video where it shows you can use cotton swabs, a soft cloth, and alcohol to clean your VCR. It looks quite easy so perhaps your son would be up to watching it then helping you out with that if no one responds to your request. Here is the link to the YouTube video in case you or any other readers want to take a look-see.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am cleaning out my files and disposing of receipts, check copies, old medical records, etc.  There is too much for my personal shredder. Is there any business in the area that provides confidential shredding service?  I have contacted a company that would pick up these materials at my home for a price of $150, but that’s too pricey for my needs. — Barbara, Rumford

ANSWER: Oftentimes, libraries have a shredding event where they accept donations in exchange for shredding and destroying your sensitive personal documents.

Your financial institution may also be able to help you. From time to time, the credit union I belong to has bins where you can toss in your documents then everything is shredded up lickety-split. Some UPS stores and office supply stores also offer this service or can give you a referral.

Readers, if you have a recommendations, please write in!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I was wondering if others have noticed all the odd things going on outdoors. The pine trees seem to be shedding massive amounts of needles. Usually,  this happens in late August during our normally dry time. Even the big fat bumblebees have gone away.

Given the high cost of city water, I do minimal watering, but try to keep my flowers alive. Do the experts think things will come back to normal when rain comes or will the Desert of Maine expand?

I am another one of your fans.  Keep up the good work. — Patricia, Lewiston

ANSWER: Your observations are in keeping with the fact that we are in the midst of an abnormally dry summer with over 40% of the state experiencing moderate drought conditions. Rain, lots of it, would help. In the meantime, be careful with your water use, especially for those who have a well for their water supply. Here is a good website if you want to keep track of drought conditions:

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