Goggle dog update!

Muffins the traveling schnoodle. Submitted photo

Last week we discussed Goggles McGee, a small dog spotted riding around on the back of a motorcycle. This week, I heard from a local woman who says, what’s the big deal? Her schnoodle — which I gather is a cross between a snickerdoodle and a dog — straps on sunglasses and rides on the back of her bike aaaaall the time. Muffins, the dog’s name is, and isn’t it good to see local dogs taking eye safety so seriously?

Not too shabby tabby
And while we’re talking about pets who yelled “shotgun!” before going for rides, on Walnut Street in Lewiston the other day I saw a cat riding on the shoulder of a man cruising along on his bicycle. No goggles, but seriously. You want to try putting eye wear on a cat, be my guest. I’ll see you in the ER. I expect this bicyclist to end up there, as well, the first time some fool lights up a firecracker while that cat is clinging to his shoulder.

Do you Cayer about the mayor?
Last week I groused because Lewiston Mayor Mark Cayer is leaving and we’ll never be so cool as to have a mayor with such a cool rhyming name. But over at the Androscoggin Historical Society, Doug Hodgkin says, what’s the big deal about a rhyming mayor? “You may be interested,” Hodgkin said, “that there was a Lewiston Mayor Charles Lemaire, 1917-1920, serving four one-year terms. And, in French, ‘maire’ means ‘mayor.’ It not only rhymes, but it duplicates the name of the office!” I admit it. I have been one upped.

Somebody’s watching me
The other day I was out in the stores gathering information for a hard-hitting weather story. I was pricing air conditioners mainly, and while I was snooping around, making notes in my little book, I really got the store security guys agitated. In at least two stores, I was followed by security dudes who no doubt thought I was engaged in corporate espionage. They had nothing to fear, though. I got out of corporate espionage years ago after the incident.

Lewiston-Auburn officials list fireworks restrictions
In Lewiston, you can only blast off your ‘works outside city limits and no later than 10 p.m. No lighting up in Auburn at all. I wonder if those city officials rolled their eyes and stifled snickers when reading off this list. As far as I can see, people go all pyrotechnic AFTER 10 p.m. and ONLY in city limits. Is it the Fourth of July? Or Opposite Day all up in here?

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