Democracy is of the people, by the people, for the people.

S1, “The For The People Act of 2021” would protect voting rights, end partisan gerrymandering, establish ethical rules for federal officials, and stop some of the big money in politics. Yet, all 50 Republicans voted against it, even though it would help to fight voter suppression.

At this time 18 states have put in place more than 30 laws restricting access to ballots, affecting 36 million people, or 15% of all eligible voters.

Do voters understand that autocracy, which seems to be the route Republicans are headed, means that we would be living like Russia, China, Cuba and Iran?

Stop and think what that will mean to your children and grandchilden. If all of these laws pass it will be the end of our democracy.

Vote like your rights depend on it — they do!

Virginia Starbird, Leeds

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