Unfortunately, the Cal Thomas column of July 22 (“Truth and COVID-19“) was full of bits of information and half-truths used to create confusion regarding the virus.

He criticizes Dr. Anthony Fauci for allegedly changing his position on masks, but the “typical mask” has never been credited with the ability to protect the wearer from infection. Only a fitted N-95 mask can do this — the purpose of a mask is to prevent the spread of the virus from the wearer to others. This position has not changed.

Thomas states the U.K. is seeing a surge of the Delta variant despite a high vaccination rate. He leaves out the fact that unlike the U.S., many of the U.K.’s vaccine recipients received only one dose. Two doses have been shown to be effective against the Delta variant.

We should evaluate the background and qualifications of the experts we listen to and carefully analyze the data and evidence that they present to support their conclusions. If one does this, the irrefutable facts are that the vaccine is highly effective in preventing serious disease from COVID-19 and the spread of this virus to other people.

The vaccines have an excellent track record as far as documented complications, and now the fourth wave of COVID-19 disease is afflicting and even killing, almost exclusively, those who are not vaccinated.

If one looks at the data available and considers the source, they should see that a vaccine will safely protect people and their loved ones from disease from COVID-19.

Paul Cain, Oxford

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