POLAND — The final hurdle for a $4.5 million 24-unit housing complex on Route 26 was overcome Tuesday when the Planning Board approved the final major subdivision application for the project.

The complex, which will include a community room, is intended for those 55 years and older.

The application was submitted by the Auburn Residential Development Corporation in association with the Auburn Housing Authority.

Though plans were officially submitted this past March by Sebago Technics, the engineering firm that designed the complex, discussion about building a housing complex began shortly after the Auburn Housing Development Authority purchased the 8.1 acre lot from Joe Cimino in 2017.

The lot sits by Hines Road, along Route 26 near the junction of Carpenter Road and Route 122.

Before retiring from the Auburn Housing Authority, Executive Director Richard Whiting met with the Select Board in December 2019 and discussed the project, which will have 18 one-bedroom units and 6 two-bedroom units.

The complex will sit on approximately 2.8 acres and will be connected to water and sewer lines owned by the Auburn Water and Sewer District.

Platz Associates is the architect on the project.

At its May 25 meeting, the Planning Board approved two waivers of the town’s land use code to move the project forward, including waiving the 15-unit cap on a dead end road and the town’s wetlands setback.

In approving the application, the Planning Board required that any expansion of the 24-unit complex must have a second entrance and “any change from the approved use of the elderly housing would require a second entrance.”

Approval of the plans as well as the waivers were all unanimous decisions by the board.

According to the timetable submitted by Sebago Technics, construction will begin this summer and be finished by August 2022.

When the project was announced, estimated rental pricing was set in multiple tiers.

For low-income residents, the cost would be $608 for a one-bedroom; $730 for a two-bedroom.

For residents with 80% of area median income: $972 for a one-bedroom; $1,167 for a two-bedroom.

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