At its Aug. 18 meeting, the Auburn School Committee voted to no longer require masks in schools, leaving our students and faculty at risk of sickness and death.

This display of moral cowardice is disgusting. With the exception of two committee members, they elected to ignore the advice of experts, parents and the community.

The idea that we should leave the decision on taking steps to protect the health of the community up to personal choice is both laughable and unequivocally false. Not all of those in question have a personal choice, and it is not the policy we take for stop signs, public nudity, or drunk driving.

We have an empirical example of what people do when asked to take inconvenient action for the common good; shopping carts do not need to be returned to the corrals; it is done entirely voluntarily, and dozen upon dozens are left in parking spots and in the middle of parking lots.

When, not if, children and teachers become sick and die from this, the School Committee will be responsible; I truly hope they will be held as such. Any speech claiming to be on the committee to protect children was shown to be false from top to bottom.

Andrew Lewis, Auburn

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