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Let’s start by recognizing the hero who included a 90-pack of bite-size Baby Ruth, Butterfinger and Crunch bars in the search results for “back to school supplies sale,” nestled right between markers and felt-tip pens, at

That’s sweet, out-of-the-(lunch)box thinking and I suspect we’re going to need a whole lot of chocolate this fall. Also, pens, paper and wipes, for both the school and home office set, and this week, it seems like it’s all on sale.

For now, let’s start the back-to-school season with optimism! Unbridled potential! And lots and lots of notecards.

White index cards, 100-count, Staples, 50 cents

Update your recipe box. Leave notes and reminders. Ring your bathroom mirror with affirmations. (“Sheila, you’ve got this!”) Plus at least 94 other uses.

Bonus: In a sale that runs through Saturday, Staples is also advertising 15% off L.L.Bean backpacks and lunchboxes in-store. Maybe save yourself the trip to Freeport.


• 12-inch wooden ruler, Staples, 25 cents

Rule the world for a quarter! Like, actually go out there and rule. How tall is that ice coffee? How tall is that stack of mail you’ve ignored?

Great Value disinfecting wipes, 300-count, Walmart, $9.97

They’re 3.3 cents a sheet and divvied between four canisters, one fresh scent, one orange scent and two lemon scent.

Orange does sound lovely. Maybe keep that one and give teacher the rest.

BIC soft feel pens, four-pack, Family Dollar, $1.50


With a little extra cushion and girth, they’re handy for grips young and old. Twenty-somethings, just move along with your flexible phalanges.

• Crayola classic markers, 10-count, Staples, 97 cents

One can never stow away too many boxes of fresh markers in the cupboard. (Or spring for Crayola washables for $2.49. You know your progeny and furniture best.)

Printed three-ring notebook binder, Dollar Tree, $1

Three words: Llama. It. Up. Feels like llamas have been having a well-deserved moment since Fortnite hit the scene. (Which is all Bag Lady knows about Fortnite. You try to kill everybody else in the game and there are llamas. I’ve not been hired to write the box copy.)

Pentel white cap pencil erasers, 10-pack, Walmart, 97 cents


Make no mistake. Or do. No one needs to know.

Of note: These have 55 mostly glowing reviews, which is a lot of love for a little eraser.

Best find: That 90-pack of chocolate bite-size was half off (Walmart, $9.98). Just sayin’.

Think twice: About sending them off to school with an official “Love Island” personalized water bottle (, $39.95).

It would just beg so many questions. Who won Season 4? Doesn’t Jamie seem too good to be true? Your parents let you watch what?!

Best leave that for Bag Lady. Also, don’t tell me who won Season 4.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who don’t even need new toys after a cache of missing Nylabones was recently discovered under the stove) and the customer service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at

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