It’s no secret I’ve had real concerns about the New England Clean Energy Connect corridor project in the past, or that CMP has had its share of challenges.

But when I read Question 1 for the first time, one word jumped out at me: “retroactively.” This new question, which was clearly drafted by a team of clever lawyers, is not the same as the one that was ultimately struck down as unconstitutional in 2020. Instead, this new question tries to get around the Constitution by retroactively changing three different parts of Maine law.

If Question 1 passes, it will empower politicians to target Mainers and businesses by making new laws that apply to events that happened legally in the past.

What opponents will say is that this law will only stop this one project. However, in the fine print is where it states it affects other transmission lines and facilities, landing strips, pipelines and railroads.

If we head down this slippery slope, what might come next? Can people imagine being a small business owner and not knowing if their actions, which are perfectly legal today, might be made illegal tomorrow? And to top it off, they might be punished for them after the fact.

That’s why I’m opposing Question 1 and joining the fight to stop the political power grab. I would encourage all Mainers to read the fine print and then vote no on Question 1.

Adrienne Bennett, Augusta, Mainers for Fair Laws spokesperson

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