Baking season is nearly upon us and Bag Lady’s cookie sheets all look like something fished out of the canal.

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Dented. Charred. Copious scratches.

All from, ahem, happy productive use and not because I’ve regularly used a fork/spoon/knife to scrape off unfortunate what have you.

Ditto for the bread pan and circular cake pans. The 13-inch rectangle was lost long ago to impossible-to-ignore rust and now houses Mr. Bag Lady’s old paintbrushes.

But look, I’ve said too much. Truly, my pans, the lot of them, are terrible. You, friend, do not want to receive an oatmeal cookie with extra iron, so, we shop.

Food Network textured performance series, Kohl’s, $12.99 and up


These are your show pony pans: A pretty bronze, artfully textured for air flow. The bread and 13-inch cake pans are $12.99 each and 18-inch cookie sheet $19.99, but these are Kohl’s prices. Layer a coupon or two, and boom, a savings souffle.

And while you’re there: KitchenAid four-piece measuring cup set in a pretty robin blue, $9.99

Is Bag Lady the only one whose measuring cups keep getting swiped for pet food scoops? Just me?

Wilton three-piece cookie sheet set, JCPenney, $13.99 (sale)

Your workhorse pans. Nothing to see here except unadorned nonstick steel sheets, and that works just fine.

And while you’re there: Wilton silicone pie crust baking molds, $10.49 (sale)


Fancypants. Or fancy crust, as it were. Work yo  ur raw dough into the molds, gingerly pop them out in three different patterns, arrange on your uncooked pie, then bake and dazzle.

Cooking Concepts square tin cake pans, Dollar Tree, $1

Just over 7 inches square, order 24 and they ship to the Lewiston store for free, or stop in and roll the brownie pan dice.

And while you’re there: Cooking Concepts metal cooling racks, $1

For cooling all those cookies you’re going to bake Bag Lady this holiday season. Why else go through all this effort? Just FYI, you can’t go wrong with anything chocolate. I mean, Bag Lady can, hence the forlorn pans and routinely razor-edged chocolate chip cookies. But you, I bet you’re a baking all star.

• Wilton bake it better nesting bakeware set, Walmart, $19.97


Five-piece, nonstick and the perfect restarter pack that includes a six-slot muffin tin, bread pan and cookie sheet. (Are they muffin slots? Holes? Divots?)

And while you’re there: Range Kleen porcelain nonstick broiler pan, Walmart, $19.39

Because *shocker* Bag Lady’s broiler pans are canal-worthy too.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who will happily nibble on anything charred) and the customer service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at

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