“It’s not just unfair, it’s dangerous.” This is coming from an advertisement that has been pushed tirelessly on our TVs as of late.

It’s no surprise that Avangrid, the international corporation that owns CMP, is spending millions of dollars on misleading commercials. They’ve been misleading Mainers since Day One, and I’m sure with the amount of wilderness they are hacking down in the West Forks, they have plenty of paper to go around.

What is shocking to me is their use of “unfair” and “dangerous” in these advertisements. Is the corridor not “dangerous” for the Maine environment and the countless species that it hosts? We have seen several studies of the ways in which this project is detrimental to countless habitats, rivers and streams.

Has it not been “unfair” that so many Mainers have been against the corridor and our own governor has not listened to her constituents? Is it not “dangerous” or “unfair” that money, the same paper that grows on the trees being demolished, is being used as a tool to buy power in the hopes that it will overthrow truth, and what is right and just here?

No, the only thing that is unfair and dangerous, I am sure, is New England Clean Energy Connect’s green energy scam that it continuously tries to force down Mainers’ throats.

The company should keep its dirty money. We don’t buy it, and we will see the company at the polls.

I ask people to join me in voting yes on Question 1 on Nov. 2.

Chelsea Washburn, Durham

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