Name: Linda Scott

Age: 53

Occupation: Educational technician, behavioral health professional in early childhood education working at SandCastle Educational Center

Political experience: I have served three consecutive terms on the Lewiston School Committee, two of those six years as chair of the committee. I am currently serving on the Planning Board, having been appointed in December 2019. This summer I served on the Charter Review Committee.

Linda Scott

Why do you think you’re the most qualified, or best candidate for this seat?

I already have a working relationship with our city and school staff and will bring knowledge of our Charter, our city ordinances, school policies and experience in working with a board of diverse voices and finding compromise to move our city forward.


Please name two issues that you believe are critical to Lewiston’s future, and how you would address them.

Critical issues are the housing and ever increasing homeless crisis. We need to take a closer look at our zoning and how we are helping local homeowners and local landlords to improve their properties and increase infill housing options throughout our city. We also need to look closer at some of the federal funding we receive as a poor community and how we can use that money to hire additional Resource Officers and Code Enforcement staff.

Do you support the New England Clean Energy Connect transmission line project? Why or why not?

I do have personal feelings about the CMP corridor. But as a city councilor, I see the assets this project brings to Lewiston. We are already seeing a tax revenue increase, just from the initial phase of this project in Lewiston. One thing I want to see is our new City Council have a serious discussion on how this revenue is spent annually, like long-term infrastructure goals or more much needed public works staff and equipment.

Dane Morgan Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Name: Dane Morgan

Morgan did not respond by the Sun Journal’s print deadline Thursday.

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