Maine has been the oldest, poorest and most dependent state in the county for several generations.

We import 90% of our food as a state (which is quite embarrassing), and we’re the highest risk state to disruptions of monopolized food supply (and we have been for over 42 years, which is also pretty embarrassing).

The whole animal cruelty argument is one of the more absurd stances that I have seen, propagated solely to spread misinformation, invoke emotion-based responses, and prey on fear. Reasonable animal care standards already exist here in Maine, and will continue to exist long after Nov. 2.

These misguided lobbyists prefer attacking Mainers, while giving a free pass to corporate monopolies that steal our water, consume our markets, trample our local businesses, gorge on oil, and yes, abuse animals all for profit.

To date, there are over 111 communities in Maine that have adopted their own local food systems — roughly 292,602 Mainers covering all 16 counties.

Mainers seek local food and economic resiliency, work to fill a need in this era, and are affirming their original right.

I ask voters to have the strength to allow Maine to lead — which is its motto, Dirigo — continuing to decentralize food production, providing opportunity, and restoring more equitable and healthy relationships within our communities.

People should vote yes on Question 3 and support their local farmers. Fearmongering nonprofits that took their eye off the ball, not so much.

Dan Davis, Porter

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