I proudly endorse Linda Doucette Scott to represent Lewiston City Council, Ward 1.

Serving Lewiston on the City Council, School Committee and Legislature was among the best times in my life and an honor.

In office, I found three types of leaders. The first serves to benefit one’s personal interest; a club, organization, business, profession or union they belong to. The second focused on exciting national causes.

The third, and in my opinion the best, are ones who represent and fight for the people who elect them. The ones who answer calls, get roads and lights fixed, or fight for a rejected heart center.

Linda is definitely the third and best type. Her history of involvement speaks for itself. I urge Ward 1 voters to elect her.

They say you can’t fight City Hall. With Linda Doucette Scott as councilor, residents won’t need to. City Hall will be fighting for them.

Stavros Mendros, Hollis Center

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