I write in support of Megan Parks’ bid for reelection to her at-large seat on the Lewiston School Committee.

As a former member of the Lewiston School Committee and City Council, and as a current elementary school teacher, I can attest that Megan is the type of leader this city needs.

Not long ago, the school committee was unresponsive to parent concerns, so the community, including Megan, demanded change. She ran for the at-large position on the school committee, won, and was part of a wave that worked to rebuild trust with parents and the community.

Megan has done a tremendous job as chairperson, balancing the well-being of students, frustrated parents, the needs of staff, an unreasonable teacher’s union, and the financial limitations of our city.

Lewiston is lucky to have Megan Parks on the school committee, and I hope voters join me in supporting her.

Luke Jensen, Lewiston

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