During my time in the Maine Legislature, I always did what was best for working-class Mainers, especially those in Oxford County. That’s why I support President Biden’s Build Back Better Act that is making its way through Congress.

Now, I know some folks are upset that the package isn’t going to look exactly like what the president proposed, but I know from my time in Augusta that it takes meaningful compromise to get anything done. I’m grateful to my friend, Rep. Jared Golden, who is taking the time to make sure that the benefits in this package go to the Mainers who need them the most, while ensuring that the wealthiest and corporations pay their fair share.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill that the Senate passed will do great things for Maine, from highway and bridge funding, to critical investments in broadband that will help rural areas like Oxford County.

But the infrastructure bill is not enough — that’s why we need the Build Back Better Act.

We need to help make child care more affordable. We need to make sure that Affordable Care Act subsidies are there for neighbors who need them. And we need to expand education and workforce opportunities. The bill also makes key investments in affordable housing.

Congress can’t miss this chance to meet the needs of the hardworking Mainers who give so much to this state. It’s moments like these when I’m glad we have Jared Golden in Washington to make sure this deal gets done right.

John Patrick, Rumford

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