Do people remember the first time they got a paycheck? Do they remember their excitement as they opened the envelope? And then do they remember saying, “That’s all? That’s all I get for all that work?”

Now, Sen. Susan Collins adds an insult to American workers. She recently said that programs in the Build Back Better bill would “break the connection between work and a brighter future.”

I say to the senator, that connection has been broken for a long time for many American workers. From the refusal to raise minimum wage, to the resistance of protections for workers, to the confusion of our health care, to our immoral wealth gap between rich and poor, the people of America have had a dismal view of their future.

Working hard, it is clear, is not a guarantee of success.

Now, when we have a bill coming forward that will provide actual help and hope to Americans, Sen. Collins refuses her support and insults us in the process. This bill should be supported by the representatives of the hardworking people of Maine. I ask Sen. Collins to stop the insults and support this bill.

Stephen Carnahan, Auburn

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