DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you have names of persons or businesses that remove snow from a driveway and will use the owner’s snow blower? Snow removal from doorsteps is also needed. — No name, Auburn

ANSWER: This question is very much top-of-mind during these days leading up to winter. The snow does come every year, eventually.

This particular request sounds like a good one for a person in the same neighborhood to respond to as the snow blower is on site to be used by someone who has the time and is willingness to help out.

The Rolodex needs updating and refreshing in this regard. If you have someone to recommend or are in the business of removing snow for residents, please write in.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: As our children and grandchildren outgrow many toys and bicycles, I was wondering if there is a place to donate them? — Rudy, no town

ANSWER: Toys and bikes in good condition are a commodity made to be shared when they’re outgrown. So many families, especially these days, would welcome these items.

Angel’s Wing accepts these types of donations. They are located at 1567 Lisbon St. in Lewiston (241-0624).

Maine Needs ( is a non-profit organization that has grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple years. They have an incredible outreach. You can contact them at [email protected] or at They are located in Portland but have members in the L-A area.

Contact the Goodwill location nearest you first to see if they accept bicycles because it varies from store to store.

Readers, please write to me if you know of other non-profits who take these items and will disburse them to families in need.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I live alone and need free help to take down trees that are close to my house.

I would also like to get in touch with anyone who works with stained glass. — No name, no town

ANSWER: Having “free” tree work done is a big ask. If you’re going to have trees taken down on your property, you need a professional who is bonded and insured. You wouldn’t want someone to get hurt in the process or have your home or other personal property damaged in any way. Perhaps you could get advice from personnel at your town office, especially if the trees are causing a precarious situation.

For anything to do with stained glass, contact Maine Art Glass Studio. The multi-talented Jim Nutting can answer your questions and point you in the right direction. The studio is located at 51 Main St. in Lisbon Falls. The number to call is 353-6700.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have many craft kits including cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, knitting, etc. to give away. I also have fabric that is mostly 100% cotton. I can arrange to deliver the items to you or we can meet somewhere. Please contact me at 577-3598 or email me at [email protected].  Thank you, Sun Spots. I really enjoy this section of the paper. — Terry, Turner

ANSWER: This is so generous of you, Terry. And with the holidays just around the corner, these items will surely be snatched up quickly.

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