Graphic Hamlet

Hamlet: Usborne Graphic Shakespeare

Retold by Russell Punter

Illustrator Valentino Forlini

Fear not, stories by Shakespeare! This graphic novel, Hamlet, published by Usborne,  is an easy read and is easy to understand. The vivid illustrations complement the words so you can visualize the story.

In the Middle Ages, Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, sees and communicates with his father’s ghost, the former King of Denmark, who was poisoned. He learns that his new step-father, his uncle…his father’s brother, Claudius, was the culprit. Hamlet is enraged and seeks revenge.

After he learns the truth of his father’s death, Hamlet acts very strangely. Worried about his actions are King Claudius and his mother, Gertrude, who marries Claudius. Ophelia, his supposed love, is also affected as is his friend Horatio. Planning to spy on Hamlet is the King’s friend and advisor, Polonius.

The plot thickens and becomes disastrous!

Numerous common phrases we use today, such as ‘wild goose chase’, ‘what’s done is done’, and ‘elbow room’ can be attributed to William Shakespeare, the English writer and actor born in the mid-1500s. You might want to keep a list of these phrases.  You will recognize many in this tragic and easy-to-understand graphic novel, Hamlet.

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