GREENWOOD —  Skiers at Mt. Abram Family Resort were stuck for 90 minutes Friday afternoon after the lift stopping spinning, said Zach McCarthy, communications director at the resort.

The cause is believed to be related to a power surge, although evidence remains inconclusive, he said. “We are actively looking into the root cause.”

One skier wrote the newspaper saying, “I was on a chairlift today at Mt. Abram in Greenwood and the entire lift shut down. It took a few hours but they got me off the chairlift by evacuating it with ropes. … There were ambulance and fire people on site and it took forever for them to get us off. I was very scared…”

McCarthy said staff were able to help skiers off the lift in approximately an hour and a half. “Everyone got down safely and our lift is back functioning to normal,” McCarthy said Saturday.

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