I am responding to a letter to the editor from Thomas F. Shields (“Questions for Democrat-controlled government,” Feb. 24).

The letter is a list of whys regarding the way the Democrats and President Biden are governing. (“I don’t think President Biden is mentally capable of doing anything more than carrying out directions from others.”)

I might have a why list, with questions like why wasn’t Trump reelected (oh, I forgot it was stolen from him)? Or why was the Jan. 6 secession attempt led by people carrying Trump signs?

I will not waste space or time responding to Dr. Shields’ “why list,” because the answers are obvious. We remain divided as a country, because we can’t do what is best for our country.

Again, we the people vote to send people to Washington (or one’s local government) to represent our best interests, to take care of us. As soon as we put a letter behind their name (D , I or R) we create an instant divide.

It is now no longer about “we the people.” It is about which party can gain control.

I wonder, does this serve the will of “we the people”?

Norman Smith, Poland

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