What if you had Animal Teeth?

What If You Had Animal Teeth !?

By Sandra Markle    

Illustrated by Howard McWilliam

What if You Had Animal Teeth!? is a junior non-fiction picture book illustrated with both funny… and… sometimes scary pictures.   The author wants you to suppose that you have lost your two top front teeth and guess what? Your permanent teeth do not grow back!  Instead, animals’ teeth grow right where you have that big gap.

What animal’s teeth might you have if your two new teeth never stopped growing? Whose teeth would you have if one tooth came back small and the one beside it ended up being 10 feet long? With one certain animal’s two top teeth, you could lift your bed or even your parents’ car. Someone you have probably heard of had new teeth made from those of a hippopotamus because hippopotami have teeth that do not yellow.

Read this fun and colorful book to learn more about the teeth of different animals.   Find out where your teeth come from. How many sets do you think you will get in your lifetime?

And as you already know, healthy teeth are connected to having a healthy body.

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