I strongly urge voters to support Peggy Rotundo, who is running for the Lewiston State Senate seat (District 21) formerly held by Nate Libby.

We are very lucky to have such an able woman running for this position in our community. Peggy listens. She hears what people are saying who have many different points of view. She cares very deeply about our community and our citizens. She cares about our children’s education.

She cares about jobs and fair wages. She cares about health care for those receiving it and for those who administer it. She is proud of our veterans who have served our country so ably.

Peggy listens, hears and acts. She would be a strong advocate for our community and the citizens of Maine.

This is the time for sensible and fair leadership, and I believe Peggy will serve in this manner.

Anne Kemper, Lewiston

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