Blind devotion to a lost cause is a recipe for disaster. What is going on now in real time in Russia is proof that lunacy is in charge of blind devotees. The thing that scares me, and should scare all of us, is that a lunatic has the codes that could unleash Armageddon.

If human life has any value at all, the Russians must be made to feel the pain of high disregard for human life, that they themselves have fallen full square on their own swords of failure. Isolation from the human condition is fair punishment for mongers of death.

Now is the perfect time to ensure a future for our children, by isolating a disgraced and fallen nation, whose only goal is self-preservation at all costs. Russians fit the bill of blood-hungry animals that do not deserve a place at the table of perpetual acceptance, for which most of us have dedicated and devoted our lives.

Michael Boom, Lisbon

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