I write in reference to the right-to-food amendment that passed last November. I thought the amendment was meant to allow people to grow their own food, be it gardens or livestock, where it was feasible in areas that might deny that through ordinances.

Now I see that some hunters are suing the state due to the no-hunting-on-Sundays law. If I would have known this new amendment could do away with the Sunday ban, I would not have voted for it. I wonder how many other people would think the same as I do.

Then the hunters mention that Maine and Massachusetts are the only two states that ban Sunday hunting. Do we base what we do on other states? I certainly hope not.

That reminds me of when the state decided to do away with Blue Laws and started allowing large stores to open on Sundays. Now Sunday is just another day.

I worked in retail back then, and we were told we did not have to work on Sundays. But I also felt that if I did not, my career would eventually suffer.

Nelson Baillargeon, Hebron

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