Our government is out of control. No matter who we vote for, most politicians end up supporting special interests over the Maine people — giving us more taxes, more mandates, and more intrusions into our personal lives.

That’s why leaders like Eric Brakey are rare.

Brakey puts principle over party, working with anyone to do right and no one to do wrong. During his four years in the Maine Senate, Brakey was ranked one of the most independent legislators by voting record.

I was impressed when Brakey stood alone against a corporate welfare bill. The vote was 34-1. When both parties wanted to hand our taxpayer money over to big, out-of-state corporations, Brakey was the only senator with courage to stand up and say “no.”

We need principled and courageous leadership. I’m voting for Eric Brakey for Maine Senate for Poland, New Gloucester, Durham and Auburn.Dan Ouellette, Poland

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