What are we doing? Those representatives from President Biden’s administration going to Ukraine, daring Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons, is the most reckless, stupid, idiotic, brain-dead stunt any elected official has ever done.

Not since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis have we ever been closer to nuclear war. I remember how close we came to it in 1962. By the grace of God and a few good intelligent men like President John Kennedy we just avoided it.

Now here we are with inept leaders running our country and the world toward Armageddon. They have no concept of the Russians and how they will react to that kind of provocation.

Russia lost about 27 million dead in World War II to the Nazis. I had friends on both sides who witnessed the slaughter, and those who think they have forgotten that are fools. They have no qualms in sacrificing any number of dead to an enemy they perceive as determined to destroy them.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the result of our meddling there and perception of that as a threat. Putin is a madman and their new Stalin. When he is backed into a corner and threatened, as he was by U.S. Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, he may use tactical nukes on Ukraine first — then NATO — if further provoked.

I’ve warned for years this was coming, and now here we are on the brink again. Once unleashed it will not stop. We must do something to end this insanity.

Lawrence Everett, South Paris

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