I write regarding the recent baby formula shortage and the article posted May 19 on the Food and Drug Administration’s response and rumors of the factories reopening.

With supply and demand and recent shortages due to many factors, common products have been low in stock or not even restocked at all. With the case of baby formula, I wonder if this was just a common supply and demand issue, or is there more to it?

From many reports, there were seemingly problems at the plants that caused this shortage, though it seems that this issue could’ve been taken care of faster than it is currently.

This is an issue that has been affecting mothers and their children nationwide for going on weeks now. When asked to comment on why it took them months to investigate this issue, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf refused to comment. This outraged some lawmakers.

I do agree with this reaction and find it absurd that the FDA chooses to withhold information from such an urgent situation. The media is inclined to respond more positively when given more direct answers, so the commissioner is doing nothing to help the case of outrage.

Though it may not entirely be his fault, there is something to be said of how the FDA as a whole is handling this situation.

Autumn Chapman, Auburn

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