What did the repeal of Roe v. Wade teach us?


It merely reaffirmed things that were already obvious.

It reaffirmed that the Republican Party cares more about theoretical life inside the womb than it does about real life inside the classroom because, let’s be honest, there is far more money in protecting fetuses than in protecting real children.

It reaffirmed that the Supreme Court, once the most trusted and hallowed institution in this country, is nothing more than a political arm of the RNC and the Catholic Church. Perhaps it’s time for the justices to review the article of the Constitution that deals with the separation of church and state.

Last, but certainly not least, it reaffirmed that Susan Collins cares far more about keeping her campaign coffers full than about the endless array of promises and proclamations she’s made over the years about protecting woman’s rights. In the end, keeping Trump happy was more important than keeping her word.

In other words, just being a Republican.

Sleep well, senator. Hope it was worth it.

Chad Crosskill, Auburn

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