We the “taxpayers” have witnessed many scams created in Washington, D.C. Members of Congress get million-dollar-plus expenses, lifetime pensions, insurance and many lavish perks, while many middle and lower class Americans struggle to make ends meet.

Corporate profits are “skyrocketing.” Sounds a little more like “price gouging” to me.

When they say it’s not the money, one can bet it’s the money.

Congress is cashing in at a high rate while freedom-loving Americans are getting screwed.

I can remember when the Democratic Party used to identify itself as the party for the working people. Now Democrats are offering voters stimulus checks to those who chose not to work for an income.

Gov. Janet Mills has authorized $850 checks to most residents in Maine. Isn’t it a coincidence that relief is given during an election year?

In closing, I would like to add my definition of most politicians: Someone who divides his time running for office and then running for cover.

Joe Voisine, Monmouth

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