DEAR SUN SPOTS: This past Memorial Day I was fortunate to come upon Eugene A. St. Pierre’s grave marker at Mount Hope Cemetery in Lewiston. He was a World War II veteran who landed on the Beaches of Normandy on D-Day, survived and returned home.

In doing some light research, I have found that in his later years, he wrote of his time in Europe. I would greatly enjoy an opportunity to read his accounts. I am hoping that these writings are out there somewhere to read. If anyone could help me find this, that would be great! — Doug, no town

ANSWER: It sounds like you have read Eugene’s online obituary ( where his wife and other relatives are listed. Perhaps one of these people will read your request and reach out to you to discuss the information you’re seeking. Or you could reach out to one of them with a letter. Family members and friends may welcome the opportunity to talk about their loved one and they may have copies of Eugene’s writing to share. He sounds like an amazing, accomplished person who lived a very full life, left a legacy of community service, and made the world a more beautiful place with his art and writing. I don’t blame you for wanting to read his writings; I am interested in that era as well and find the memoirs written about it to be intriguing.

I grew up listening to my relatives and their friends tell many stories of what it was like to experience those tenuous years of the Great Depression and the war, and These stories hold valuable lessons and shine a light on resiliency, valor and hope.

If anyone can help Doug with his quest, please write in and I’ll connect you to him.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My granddaughter, Maddy’s Mt. Ararat team won the state tournament U 11 over Andy Valley 5-4, held at the Field of Dreams in Harrison over the weekend of June 26. I am trying to find a paper that covered that story. We are not local. — Marie, no town


ANSWER: I really searched and couldn’t find a paper with the story containing the coverage you are looking for. My suggestion would be to ask your granddaughter and her parents where articles about the team and tournaments are usually found or check in with one of the coaches. Readers, if you have any other suggestions or have information on this tournament, please let me know.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for a Tupperware dealer. Are they not having parties anymore? I’m interested in having one for “old time’s sake.” Back in the ’90s, I used to have a party every summer and serve refreshments that were popular in the ’60s and my friends would dress up to suit that era. — Lois, no town

ANSWER: That sounds fun! It seems that most Tupperware is purchased online these days, but I do have the information for two representatives in the Rolodex: Kim Richards-Jones,, and Eileen in Norway. You can contact her at  740-4264 or [email protected] . Hopefully one of these ladies can accommodate you with having a party and bringing your friends together.

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