Recently, one-time President Trump told a group of conservative college students in Tampa, Florida, that he and his supporters will not break, not yield, never give in, never give up, “never, ever, ever back down” in their fight with the “tyrants” who oppose them because true “Americans kneel to God, and God alone.”

Said the self-professed Christian who insistently refused to reveal his favorite Bible verse to a couple of Bloomberg interviewers when campaigning for the presidency in 2015 because — well, because it’s just too damn personal.


Favorite verse? Spare the guy — but holding a Bible aloft for a photo op in front of an Episcopal church’s parish house like he did in D.C. in 2020 after a large crowd of people protesting the murder of George Floyd were teargassed to make way for him?

That’s different: Why talk Bible when you can just pose with one, all solemn-faced? Cakewalk.

Here’s another piece of Trumpian rubbish: his recent suggestion that he’s “the most persecuted person in the history of our country.” (What, only in American history? Not in all of world history, with the possible exception of Jesus?)

Truth is, the derision he’s received at the hands of opponents he earned with his criminality, his estimated 30,000 lies, his revolting egomania, his admiration for autocrats and harebrained attempts to become one, his sham espousal of Christianity, his cringeworthy ignorance of history, etc.

Donald Trump is an Olympian mess who lost in 2020 because the majority of Americans had had it to here.

William LaRochelle, Lewiston

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