It is time for Jason Levesque, the mayor of Auburn, to resign. For over a year he has pushed and prodded the citizens of Auburn to accept his concept of total rezoning of our city. Thoughtful, considerate change is what people desire.

The mayor has lost his constituency. Neighborhood disruption and threatening our water supply are unacceptable.

I am tired of the mayor telling the mayor of Lewiston to stay on his side of the river. It is everyone’s river and lake.

I am tired of the mayor telling a 90-year-old citizen he cannot ask questions at a public hearing and must sit down.

I am tired of the mayor telling a young lady who wants to “say one more thing” to leave a public meeting.

I am tired of being told that Auburn is a canary in a coal mine. Auburn citizens are not canaries and Auburn is not a coal mine.

I am tired of public hearings when citizen can speak for only three minutes then the mayor speaks for five.

One councilor — amazingly — asked what do you want us to do?

I am amazed at such a question. Have councilors not seen the signs or heard the testimony at the many public hearing? Have they not read the petitions? Or the many letters to the editor?

It is clear that the mayor is not in sync with the people. His vision is not our vision.

He should resign

Fred Holler, Auburn

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