Well, what do you know. The buffoon has reappeared on the scene to deliver startling news: the 2020 election was stolen.

From this ridiculously stale and false declaration, I guess we are in for another battering of monotonous media coverage surrounding this dangerous imposter.

With a lifelong inability to learn, grow, and nature, his rants will remain sourced from the bowels of a vocabulary reservoir barely more than 100 words.

And, with anti-social obsessions being his choo-choo, we should prep ourselves for utterances that are dominated by derogatory superlatives and schemed hyperbole. Oh, yeah, ugh, we get to hear them over and over.

Someone, something, spare us, please, from the eternal sameness this boorish foe puts us through day in and day out.

Could the Department of Justice, now seriously advancing to the legal forefront, be the answer to putting this menace finally out of commission?

Norm Gellatly, Auburn

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