State Sen. Lisa Keim’s inflammatory remarks about her school system are an unfortunate sign of the times (“Dixfield-based school board bans gender book from Dirigo library,” Aug. 10).

Strong feelings about local issues are expected, but throwing her school system under the bus with such extreme language is counterproductive, divisive, and disrespectful to our teachers. This is often what we get when politicians parrot national talking points.

There was a time when local elections were just that. I can’t comment on the book in question, “Gender Queer,” but I can comment on what we lose when this kind of language threatens to take over local elections.

This is why I am supporting Tamara Hoke in her House District 76 race. She is grounded in our community and is measured and thoughtful about how we can improve real lives in our community.

This speaks to her commitment to finding the common center where we can come together to solve community problems.

Steve Bien, Jay

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