Coach: Larry Thornton (eighth year)
Class: D South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 6-6-2, reached regional quarterfinals
Returning athletes: Senior — Madison Turcotte (FB); Juniors — Emily Tilton (HB/FB), Mya Austin (F/HB), Lillian Sharples (HB); Sophomores — Annabelle Thone (FB/HB), Cori Merrill (CHB), Amelia Hill (FB), Cora Brewster (F), Kai Trenoweth (CHB), Brittany Carrier (CHB/F).
Key losses: Ruby Cyr, Emily Carrasquillo, Kayden Haylock, Isabell Laughton, McKenna Ridlon, Olivia Buswell, Sami Patenaude, Giulia Battistella, Bea Ferrigolli.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Lailey Laughton; Sophomores —Kianna Finnegan (GK), Myia Gombos, Caylie Principie; Freshmen — Camryn Brickel, Alyssa Breton (FB), Chloee Bennett (F), Emma Hooper (HB).
Season outlook: Participating in a summer program, combined with many players attending a camp, places the Bucks in a good position to compete in the MVC. Senior captain Madison Turcotte, along with sophomores Amelia Hill, Annabelle Thone, junior Emily Tilton and freshman Alyssa Breton will anchor a strong defense. Sophomores Cori Merrill and Kai Trenoweth will control the middle, with juniors Mya Austin, Lillian Sharples and freshmen Emma Hooper and Camryn Brickel running the wings. Sophomore Brittany Carrier — who scored 13 goals last year — along with fellow sophomore Cora Brewster and freshman Chloee Bennett will be counted on for increased scoring opportunities.

Coach: Miles Bisher (fifth year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 4-10-1, lost in preliminary round
Returning athletes: Seniors — Gloria San Pedro (M/F), Erin Cowie (M/D), Korah Cunningham (D), Izzy Langelier (D), Breya Whitman (M/F), Abby Faucher (D/M); Junior — Katharine Garcia (M); Sophomores — Gabby Gerry (F/M), Lexi Kelsea (D), Layla Facchiano (D/M), Violet Vincent (M/F).
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Mckenna Menke (M/F), Lilly Watkins (M); Juniors — Izzy Jalbert (K), Olivia Veilleux (M), Makenna Drouin (D/F); Sophomore — Stella Smith (D); Freshmen — Sophie Cote (F/M), Favour Monday (F/M).
Season outlook: The Red Eddies were delighted to return to a normal season in 2021, and with the exception of a few games, every matchup was decided by one or two goals. There is energy and excitement about the team’s potential and players are really buying into the identity the Eddies are trying to create. Edward Little is approaching this season with a “one game at a time” attitude and hoping to see positive results from its hard work.

Coach: Marcy Francoeur (fourth year)
Class: B South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 5-10, lost in preliminary round
Returning athletes: Seniors — Amber Fortin (D), Ashleen Perkins (F), Caitlin Taylor (M), Isa Ross (GK).
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Isabelle Morelli (F); Freshman — Ella Kenney (M).
Season outlook: Francoeur said the Patriots are excited for the season and are looking forward to getting on to the field.

Coach: Chris Cifelli (third year)
Class: B South; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 4-8-3, lost in preliminary round
Returning athletes: Seniors — Lily Anctil (D), Logan Arsenault (MF), Jalee Boucher (MF), Alexia Chaloux (D), Abby Connolly (D), Emma Couturier (MF), Ali Dening (MF), Hannah Milliken (MF), Jill Pelletier (D), Iris Petrin (MF); Juniors — Julia Bickford (MF), Nola Boutaugh (MF); Sophomores — Michaela Harrington (F), Alyssa Prosser (MF).
Key losses: Carlie Leavitt (GK), Sarah Perkins (FB), Delaney Ennis (FB), Emma Chiasson (MF), Riley Chiasson (MF), Katie Blouin (F).
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Julia Nichols (D), Kira Welch (GK); Juniors — Alicia Bergeron (F), Olivia Doyon (D), Madi Dutil (MF), Jamie Ellis (GK), Madi Keneborus (D), Kylee Spugnardi (F); Sophomores — Heather Mousseau (MF), Ashley Roy (D), Sophie Simard (D).
Season outlook: The Hornets’ greatest strength this season may be their depth. They have multiple options at many positions — allowing them to have different looks for their opponents.

Coach: Jeff Akerley (third year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 0-14, lost in preliminary round
Returning athletes: Seniors — Audrey Bilodeau (D), Emily Bilodeau (D), Skye Daniels (D), Alyssa Marcoux (M), Emily Robert (M); Juniors — Madeleine Albert (M), Marissa Beaulieu (M), Addison Bilodeau (D), Ava Blanchette (F), Madeline Cote (F), Jersey Cunningham (K) Skylar Gaudette (D); Sophomores — Avaya Desjardins (F), Josie Gagnier (F), Dayla Tripp (K).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Lillian Beaulieu (M), Crew Langley (M).
Season outlook: There is an injection of youthful excitement in Lewiston this season. Akerley said the Blue Devils are working hard and challenging each other to be the best they can be in every practice and every game.

Coach: Richard Card (third year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Played JV schedule
Returning athletes: Senior — Cadence White; Junior — Alivia Field; Sophomores — Adeline Burkhardt, Eric Coffin.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Victoria Babbin, Abby Broadbent, Kasie Booker, Sophia Bowie, Amelia Dunn, Solaya Russo.
Season outlook: The Greyhounds return to playing a varsity schedule after a season of 7-on-7 JV games last year. Their numbers have improved slightly this season, but they still will only be playing with 10 players. Forty-minute halves with no substitutes and always being a player down won’t be easy. But the ‘Hounds are in good spirits and see this as a stepping stone for next year, Card said.


Coach: Gary Trafton (16th year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 9-4-1, reached regional quarterfinals
Returning athletes: Seniors — Evelyn Guimond (D) Kerstin Paradis (Mi) Brooklyn Federico (M), Elsa Goebel-Bain (S); Juniors — Abby Atwood (D), Izzy Hamann (M), June Foyt (G), Haley Rooney (M); Sophomores — Zion Armstrong (D), Maddie Beck (M), Katie Beck (M), Ella Rice (D), Taylor Cotnoir (S).
Key losses: Lydia Rice, Averie Silva, Megan Ham.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Megan Blasius (D); Sophomore — Morgan Lacasse (G); Freshmen — Audrey Langlois (S), Annabelle Carlton (D), Kaitlyn Frost (M).
Season outlook: The Mustangs are excited to have 25 players with a mixture of experience and youth this season. To be successful, Trafton said, they must tap into their experience and get the younger players acclimated to a varsity sport.

Coach: Andrew Delcourt (eighth year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 8-4-1, forfeited regional prelim game due to COVID-19 close contact
Returning athletes: Seniors — Olivia Roderick (D), Charlotte Mitchell (M), Savannah Davis (D), Emily Pillsbury (D), Jaidyn Stuart (M), Lily Day (M); Juniors — Daisy Gussler (S), Aiyana Savage (M), Izabella Dereszynski (D), Karsyn Rolbecki (M); Sophomores — Bailea Haines (D), Jany Pepin (G), Jaycee Sherrier (M), Kenzie Contreras (S), Payton Hill (D), Ruthie Gussler (G), Sydney Sillanpaa (M), Brenna Farnsworth (D), Autumn Pulk (M).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Abby McCarty (M), Addie Paul (D), Jenna Osgood (M), Naea Macki (D), Ari Deresynski (M), Maddie Luce (M), Maya Franklin (D).
Season outlook: The Roadrunners are excited about this season and their goal is to compete at the highest levels in every contest as well as become a cohesive team.

Coach: Griffin Conlogue (first year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 10-5-1, reached regional quarterfinals
Returning athletes: Seniors — Meren Zeliger (M), Emma Casavant (D), Emma Dunn (F/M), KK Daggett (F), Vivian Cormier (F), Callahan Towle (M), Caitlin Burke (G), Kaylee Sterling (F/M), Quintessa Marcotte (M); Juniors — Alissa Butterfield (D/M), Gracie Ross (D/F), Abbey Goodspeed (M/D); Sophomores — Natalee Orr (D), Allison Casavant (D), Rebekah Denio (F/M).
Key losses: Hannah Wilbur (D), Eryn Parlin (M/F), Khloe Dean (D), Katie Ladd (D), Grace Bell (F), Zoi Ward (M/D), Sadie McDonough (M).
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Taylor Gordon (F/D), Elisa Mezzoli (F/M); Sophomores — Alaya Smith (M), Jaycee Simoneau (D), Kylee Blodgett (F), Gabriella Seaberg (M); Freshmen — Nina Bogar (F/M), Lilla Simpson (G/F).
Season outlook: Mt. Blue returns 15 varsity players from last season’s 10-win team, including a large group of 11 seniors. With some strong newcomers added in, Conlogue is looking forward to another competitive season in the deep KVAC.

Coach: Kaitlyn Virgin (first year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 5-8, lost in preliminary round
Returning athletes: Seniors — Justice Gendron (G), Emma Clukey (M), Myckayla Bright (A), Kaelynn Bright (D/M); Juniors — Jaden Boulanger (M), Brooke Bennett (D), Emma Koch (M), Brooke Chase (M), Emma Dupuis (D), Annelise Witas (M/A), Kara Jasud (M), Lanee Boucher (D), Ciara Abbott (D/A), Carlee Burgess (D); Sophomores — Ali Mazza (M/A), Madison Dow (D/M), Kloee Pelletier (M/D).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Samantha McLaughlin (D); Juniors — Lily Bedard (D), Penelope Bishop (GK/D); Sophomores — Layce Boucher (A), Tessah Leclerc (A), Paisley Clukey (A), Madisyn Mclean (D); Freshman — Lily Boulanger (M/A).
Season outlook: The Falcons are confident thanks to a strong senior class and depth amongst their talented junior class. Virgin said that she believes the upperclassmen will provide the leadership that is crucial to a successful season.

Coach: Jeremy Young (seventh year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 12-1, lost in regional quarterfinals
Returning athletes: Senior — Paige Gonya (M/F); Junior — Aubrey McElhaney (M/D); Sophomores — Eliana Smith (F/M), Carlee Austin (M/D).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Lilly Nadeau (F); Sophomores — Lindsey Bailey (M/D), Ryleigh Davis (M/F), Isabelle Greenleaf (M/D), Ava Rivet (M/F), Paige Richard (D/K), MacKenzie Vattaso (K); Delia Custer (D), Kendall Theriault (M/D), Ryleigh Blackwell (D), Frosh Aikaterini Karamousadakis (D), Amanda Williams (M/D).
Season outlook: After graduating 13 seniors last year, Oak Hill is a young team led largely by sophomores looking to gain experience.

Coach: Brittany Moore (second year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 6-8-2, reached regional quarterfinals
Returning athletes: Seniors — Kelsey Bennett (D), Quintessa DiBiase (D), Elizabeth Hallee (M/F), Wytner Smith (M), Ashley Richardson (M/F); Juniors — Meredith Harthorne (M), Jane Leonard (M), Madelaine Miller (M/F), McKinley Soehren (D), Saige Winslow (D); Sophomores — Gianna DeVivo (D/M), Madelyn Herrick (GK), Ella Pelletier (M/F).
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Lidia Melanson (D), Graycee Richardson (M), Paityn Truman (D).
Season outlook: The overall team energy heading into this season is positive, Moore said. The players are devoted to bettering themselves individually and as a unit. There are a number of leaders stepping up to do the right things and show consistency, and Moore said that will help elevate newcomers’ play to the next level.


Coach: Tyler Connors (second year)
Class: B South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 1-14, lost in preliminary round
Returning athletes: Seniors — Emma Jenkins (F), Ragyn Harvey (D), Ava Anderson (CDM), Alexandria Wallingford (CAM), Selena Walgreen (F), Sayla Bergeron (M), Alyssa Hart (GK), Rylee Smith (D), Madison Valentine (RWB); Juniors — Gretchen Paradis (D), Althea Thornton (CAM), Jill Barnes (G); Sophomores — Arianna Gammon (F), Olivia Austin (CAM).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Maggie McGlaufin (F); Sophomore — Olivia Rioux (M); Freshman — Alaina Hamlin (D).
Season outlook: The effort the players have put into the offseason has shown in the preseason, Connors said. He added that the Knights have a strong senior class mixed in with some exciting younger players, and that the Knights are poised to make some noise this season.

Coach: Jeff Hawksley (second year)
Class: D South; Conference: East-West
Last year’s results: 11-4, conference co-champions, reached regional final
Returning athletes: Senior —Amelia Stokes; Juniors — Breezy Quimby, Lily Shafer, Eva Spear, Angie Woodword; Sophomores — Natalie Stokes, Brooke Laliberti, Nichol Lemay, Averi Flewelling; Freshmen — Kylie Slagg, Lillie Hazen, Jordan Atkinson, Olivia Wakefield, Quincy Simms, Maddy Richards.
Season outlook: The Lakers have a hard-working, tenacious group of players who Hawksley said won’t be satisfied with less-than-competitive performances.

Co-coaches: Jake Turner (second year), Chris Araugo (first year)
Class: B South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Spruce Mountain: 4-11, reached regional quarterfinals; Dirigo: 0-10, no playoffs
Returning athletes: Seniors —Emma Towers (G), Jazmin Ryder (M), Mackenzie Guay (D), Ava Moffett (M), Gaby Rodriguez (F); Junior — Azar Burhoe (D); Sophomores — Tateum Leclerc (F), Tyoaka Hodgkin (D/F), Kenzie Richards (D), Grace Espeaignette (D).
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Ryleigh Pelletier; (M), Freshman — Abby St. Clair (M), Rylee Turner (D/M), Reagan Nisbet (M/F).
Season outlook: Spruce and Dirigo have joined forces this season for a co-op and are looking forward to remaining competitive within the Mountain Valley Conference. Turner said that a strong group of seniors who are positive and competitive will strive to lead the young Phoenix to a successful season.

Coach: Jarrod Carnrick (first year)
Class: D South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 5-11, reached regional quarterfinals
Returning athletes: Seniors — Natalie Brocke (F), Chloe Whited (D); Juniors — Avery Gravel (M), Anna Geyer-Shaheen (M), Gigi Errico (D), Rieslynn Bernier (D); Sophomores — Anna Theriault (G), Charlie Apodaca (F), Gabby Allen (F), Lauren Naous (F), Leah Herrick (D), Kassidy Cote (M), Brooklyn Whited (D).
Promising newcomers: Junior — Lauren Hanlon (F); Sophomore — Jordynn Biladeua (F); Freshmen — Nina Brown (F), Ellia Dick (M), Sophia Franciose (D).
Season outlook: The Saints are an eager group who are excited to try and shake up the standings this season. As long as the squad stays healthy, the team is optimistic and ready to prove themselves.

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