Coach: Kyle Rines (10th year)
Class: D South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 6-6-2, reached D South quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Trevin Albert (F), Ty White (D) Jaiden Jack (D), Taz Keough (M), Ayden Jefferson (D), Gavin Charest (GK), Cole Brewster (D), RJ Loring (D), Cody Gosselin (M); Juniors — Justin Lucas (F), Brayden Jack (M), Brady Trenoweth (M), Nolan Keene (M), Owen Lapointe (D), Dylan Bickford (M), Kakoa Laliberte (M); Sophomores — Seamus Keough (M), Saylor Bourassa (M), Jonas Culleton (M).
Key losses: Zach Shields, Hunter Driscoll, Cam Durgin.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Noah Marston (F); Junior — Nolan Breton (D); Freshmen — Tanner Cousineau (F), Gaven Parsons (D), Neil Haylock (GK), Bobby Bernier (D), Blake Muller (M), Jacoby Burmeister (D), Ethan Dutil (M).
Season outlook: Buckfield returns several seniors ready to try to help the Bucks improve on their 6-6-2 record from a year ago. Coach Kyle Rines thinks the leadership and veteran play will help the Bucks earn a higher playoff seed and help them win close games.

Coach: Max Thompson (second year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 9-6-1, reached A North quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Caleb Albert, Campbell Cassidy, Idris Bashir, Jack Thompson, Liban Issack, Mohamed Adow, Owen Vincent, Richie Romano, Tudum Monday; Juniors — Eli St. Laurent, Evan O’Donnell, Joe Martel, Joel Ilunga, Shukri Hassan; Sophomore — Ben Cole.
Key losses: Ibrahim Dubai, Josh Lavigne, Shaheen Ekal, Simon Hall, Wesley Clements, Will Sampson.
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Aden Dafe, Jose Sebastiao; Juniors — Abdihakim Daud; Sophomores — Abdi Mohamoud, Bode Kunas, Ethan Boucher, Kauan Linhares, Nico Ferraro.
Season outlook: Jack Thompson, a senior captain at forward, has an injury that will keep him out for a portion of the season. While Thompson hopes to return by midseason, Edward Little also returns starters like Campbell Cassidy and Mohamed Adow to try and help the Red Eddies get back to the playoffs. Coach Max Thompson noted Abdihakim Daud and Jose Sebastiao are newcomers hoping to fill in for the injured Thompson.

Coach: Will Burdick (second year)
Class: B South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 7-6-2, lost in B South preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Colby Dehetre, Max Kenney, Aiden Loignon, Drew Reynolds; Juniors — Ben Cobb, Aidan Hebert, Noah Hebert, Luka Rosolino, Andrew Keddy; Sophomores — Carter LaLiberty.
Key loss: Jay Hawkes.
Promising newcomers: Freshman — Isaiah Portas.
Season outlook: Gray-New Gloucester returns a lot of players from a year ago, including four-year varsity midfielders Colby Dehetre and Max Kenney. Aidan Loignon and Noah Hebert are “physically gifted and dynamic on the touchlines,” according to second-year coach Will Burdick. Luka Rosolino is also an attacker who Burdick was able to “show his on-ball ability in big moments last year.”

Coach: Ryan Greenlaw (first year)
Class: B South; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 7-6-2, lost in B South preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Nathaniel Bell (D), Sam Buckley (D), Austin Gates (D), Garrett Gaudin (F), Declan Giroux (D), Kurtis Mousseau (D), Madoxx Taylor (M); Juniors — Logan Berube (M), Gibson Dozois (M), Brayden Greenlaw (F), Cole Johanson (M), Max Thibault (M); Sophomores — Alex Corey (G), Jake Dening (M).
Key losses: Blake Springer, Ian Redstone, Myles Hanscom, Kaden Trenoweth, Caleb Berube, Cooper McGray, Connor Grant, Robbie Gladu, Phil Roberge, Riley Bernier, Jayce Beaudin.
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Vanya Bezhenar (G), Sawyer Bubier (D); Juniors — Keagan Hawksley (M), Gavin Holbrook (G), Reid Sibley (D).
Season outlook: After losing in the opening round of the playoffs last fall in a game that featured two overtimes and 48 combined penalty kicks, Leavitt returns many players from that team and is optimistic about the season ahead. New coach Ryan Greenlaw said the team is looking to build off the momentum of 2021.

Coach: Dan Gish (third year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 14-1-1, KVAC champions, reached A North semifinals.
Returning athletes: David Abdi, Shafi Ibrahim, Hamza Nur, Kudra Heri, Payson Goyette, Mohamed Gabow, Mustafa Hassan, Obed Antonio, Ahmed Abdow, Nasip Abdi.
Key losses: David Omasambo, Efraim Kindu, Igor Domingues, Levi-Prince Likibi, Raimundo Lubota, Romano Bassa, Moses Lumu, Khalid Hersi, Tanner Anctil.
Promising newcomers: Jacinto Mavinga, Yusuf Dakane, Caden Boone, Zak Mohamed, Abdimalik Nur.
Season outlook: Lewiston lost several players from a year ago and will field a younger team this fall. Shafi Ibrahim, Mohamed Gabow and Hamza Nur are some of the returning scoring threats who the Blue Devils hope will lead them on another deep playoff run. 

Coach: Joe Fletcher (12th year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 12-3-2, reached C South semifinals.
Returning athletes: Ryan Michaud, Kyle Palleschi, Hunter Frost, Matt Marquis, Alex Orne, Luke Harmon, Brandon Smith, Dalton Comeau.
Key losses: Ben Hamann, Blaine Paradis, Hayden Fletcher, Jacob Godbout, Seth McKenney, Travis Jameson.
Promising newcomers: Pat Strout, Rory Foyt, Will Hamel, Kyle Blasius, Zeke Delorme, Gus Langlois.
Season outlook: Coach Joe Fletcher has high hopes for Monmouth this season, saying the team “expects to compete for a league championship and to make a legitimate run in the upcoming playoffs.” Last year, the Mustangs reached the Class C South semifinal with the help of Sun Journal All-Region boys soccer player of the year Hayden Fletcher. While Fletcher graduated, the Mustangs return a lot of players from the 2021 squad. 


Coach: Darren Allen (17th year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 14-1-2, MVC champions, reached C South final.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Charlie Pye (M/F), Kaden Pillsbury (M/F), Tucker Plouffe (B), Trey Pease (B), James’ Haynes (F); Juniors — Morgan Thibodeau (M), Bear Rollins (F), Payton Mitchell (M), Sam Cockerham (M).
Key losses: Cam Walters (M), Caleb Thibodeau (B), Trevor Phelps (B), Wyatt Sieminski (B), Ian Allen (GK), Angelo Gerardi (F), Kody Chapman (F), Kyle Presby (F), Adam Luce (B), Hunter Durland (F).
Promising newcomers: Junior — Trey Reed (GK); Sophomores — Jose Torres (F), Andrew Rother (B), Logan Dube (GK), Ash Rollins (B), Bryce Wilcox (B), Harrison Thomas (B); Freshmen — Killian Pillsbury (F/M), Kaiden Longely (M/B), Jamie Herring (M/F).
Season outlook: Mt. Abram is searching for players to fill in roles after losing 10 seniors from last year’s team. Logan Dube, a sophomore, and Trey Reed, a junior, will share time in net, while a mix of seniors and sophomores will man the defense. Coach Darren Allen said the group is showing “promise” and hopes to be playing its best come playoffs. 

Coach: Zac Conlogue (first year)
Class: A North; Conference:  KVAC
Last year’s results: 2-13, lost in A North preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Alex Mayhew, Will Mayhew, Kyedn Thomas; Juniors — JJ Greenlaw, Trent Beaudoin, Levi Bogar, James Stinson, Tim Williamson; Sophomores — Kaden Smith, Gage DeCarolis, Tyler Abell, Thomas Cormier.
Key losses: Josh Smith, Edan Havtan, Justin Dill, Auley Romanyshyn, Colby Ranger.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Cooper Holmes; Juniors — Chase Ranger, Finley Ward, Nicolo Barbio, Diego Cortes; Sophomore — Elias Bartlett; Freshmen — Nate Zeliger, Dylan Hamlin, Julian Reynolds, Lincoln Tierney.
Season outlook: Mt. Blue is focusing on defending and controlling possession this year under new head coach Zac Conlogue. He added that captains Alex Mayhew, Will Mayhew and Levi Bogar hope to lead the Cougars into the playoffs in a tough KVAC conference. 

Coach: Dylan Cayer (first year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 2-12, lost in C South preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Zach New, Iain Gurney, Tyler Skillings; Juniors — Nate Gallant, Caleb Gamache, Nate Gamache, Aiden Granados, Brody Jamison, Jacob New, Owen Sevigny, Maing Tang, Joel Tardiff; Sophomores — Tanner Banaciski, Michael Chase, Ben DeSalle, Chase Duguay, Tanner Henry, Kaden Mills
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Remi Gauthier, Dexter Rice, Ryder Merrill.
Season outlook: The Falcons went through a weight-lifting program this past summer and played games three days a week to prepare for the fall season. Mountain Valley was strong at Mt. Abram’s 7-on-7 tournament this summer and the team is excited for the season. 

Coach: Bill Worth (sixth year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 7-7-1, lost in C South preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Adam Greenwood, Cole Saucier, Ethan Vatasso, Grayson Letourneau, Jamie Bergeron; Juniors — Cade Fessenden, Cooper Spencer, Landen Denis, Landon Bangs, Lukas Bergeron, Nathan Straw, Noah Laframboise; Sophomores — Drew Hatala, Eli Gosselin, Ethan Lamont, Isaac Greenwood, Jordan Castonguay.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Logan Moore; Freshmen — Braden New, Brandon Plourde, Gabe Rackliffe, Joshua Lane, Kaiden Levesque, Tristan Hyde, Wyatt Blier.
Season outlook: Ethan Vatasso, a Sun Journal All-Region forward a year ago, returns to help lead Oak Hill through a challenging MVC conference this season. Vatasso is one of many upperclassmen returning, while the Raiders also have a big class of freshmen that is allowing the program to field a junior varsity team.

Coach: Joshua Kennison (first year)
Class: B South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 2-13, lost in B South preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Drew Saylor, Timothy Gray, Lyric Levasseur, Nolan Garey; Juniors — Travis West, Aden Swett, Brycin Vachon, Talen Langevine, Samuel Paladino; Sophomores — Cameron Lemieux, Oliver Olson, Breck Langevine, Caleb Googins.
Key losses: Trevor Robbins, James Worden, Bradley Gwarnjanski, Mitchell Bean, Joe Hudson, Lucas Kelly.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Cohen Demuth, Ethan Swett.
Season outlook: Poland returns four seniors this season, which will be a benefit to new head coach Joshua Kennison. He said that the Knights are “a group of boys ready to learn and work hard, and we will be much improved.”

Coach: Rowenna Hathaway (second year)
Class: D South; Conference: East-West
Last year’s results: 3-9-1, lost in D South preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Daxxtyn Williams, Jimmy Hathaway, Austin Hathaway, Nate Bliss, Logan Belt; Junior — Tucker Beaulieu; Sophomores — Anthony Whittier, Zak Madrid, Parker Smith; Freshman — Alex Hathaway.
Key losses: Chase Carmichael, Keegan Donegan, Evan Smith, Brayden Thompson.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Keaton Razik; Junior — Barrett Quimby; Sophomores — Caleb Slagg, Ryder Sargent; Freshmen — Owen Dugan, Elden Irish.
Season outlook: Rangeley is hoping to go further in the Class D South playoffs this year by returning a lot of players and mixing in new players of all grades. 


Coach: Adam Gettle (fifth year)
Class: B South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Spruce Mountain: 6-6-1, lost in C South preliminary round; Dirigo: 2-10.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Chance Brooks, Kaleb Finelli, Nate Holland, Logan Knight, Caleb Parlin, Matthew St. Pierre, Lucas Towers, Daniel Wilson; Juniors — Jesse Lewis, Dalton Hodgkins; Sophomores — Carter Pitcher, Caleb Shaw.
Key losses: Jacob Bryant, Owen Bryant, Cully Johnson, Joel Thornton, Brayden Bachelder.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Casey Gould; Freshmen — Wyatt Foss, Matthew Harding, Mitchell Giberson, Daryl Curtis, Jaxon Libby, Camden Averill-Curtis, Braden Cottle, Josh Jackson, Trevor Hogan.
Season outlook: Spruce Mountain/Dirigo coach Adam Gettle said that after last year, which was first winning season in what he estimated was six or seven years at Spruce Mountain, the chemistry on the new co-op team is still growing. Gettle said the combined squad will “become a stronger team in skill and tactics than we ever have been before.” The players are unified as a team and the focus on film study has helped the program grow. 

Coach: Andrew Pelletier (first year)
Class: D South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 2-13, lost in D South preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Juniors — Ashton Hammond, Connor Cyr, Aidan Walling, Garrett Kendall.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Brodie Walling, Riley Daigle.
Season outlook: Andrew Pelletier, who is the school’s new athletic director and is entering his first season as St. Dom’s head coach, said the players worked hard during the preseason. Pelletier noted that the Saints have tough schedule, which he hopes helps prepare them for the playoffs.

Coach: Scott White (fourth year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: No boys program; Girls: 3-7.
Returning athletes: Juniors — Morgan Zetts, Makenzie Eliot, Karen Marshall; Sophomores — Haley Smith, Jocelynn Nivus, Gabby Thompson, Lilly Souther.
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Kayan Degruttola (F/M); Freshmen — Connor Deprey (D/G), Thomas LaPointe (F/M), Adam Stephenson (G/M), Jake Zolad (D/M), Cyrus Mills (F/D), Jonathan Marshall (D/M/F), Evan Parsons (D/M).
Season outlook: Telstar will field a co-ed roster this fall, as numbers in both the boys and girls programs have fallen recently. The Rebels do not have any seniors and instead have seven freshmen on the squad. Scott White, who coached the girls program the past two years, said the team is “seeking continuous improvement in all facets of the game.” 

Coach: John Baehr (fifth year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 5-9, lost in C South preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Iker Penniman, Tyler Shumway, Matt Beck, Jakob Barrows, Hayden Rivers; Juniors — Max Cheng, Zach Chapman, Teddy Wagner; Sophomores — Will Grant, Jaxson August, Isaac Breau, Finn Barrett.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Gabe Corey; Freshmen — Evan Bilodeau, Keenan Libby.
Season outlook: Winthrop brings everyone back for another season under coach John Baehr, including Sun Journal All-Region second-team nominee Tyler Shumway, as well as honorable mentions Jakob Barrows and Iker Penniman. That experience should help the Ramblers compete in the MVC.

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