I write in support of my Poland neighbor, Ed Rabasco, for Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford county district attorney.

He’s been a defense attorney for years. His experience has led to significant ideas about policy changes which may result in savings to taxpayers.

Criminality in our communities is driven by substance abuse disorder and mental illness. We have been doing the same thing and expecting a different result for years.

Rabasco proposes mandatory successful drug treatment required as part of sentencing where indicated. He also plans to require successful mental health treatment as part of sentencing.

Crime is driven by repeat offenders. Jails are overcrowded. We hold people in jail for months unable to meet  bail.

People shouldn’t vote for Rabasco if they want to continue spending on others virtually guaranteed to re-offend and revictimize us and our neighbors.

I hope voters join me in supporting Ed Rabasco for district attorney.

Jane Pentheny, Poland

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