I just got a letter from Central Maine Power telling me that if I joined Solar Gardens of Maine, I’d get a 15 percent discount. This is telling me that I’d be charged 15 percent extra if I didn’t sign up with Solar Gardens.

It’s CMP’s job to deliver electricity to me. How it produces electricity is its business. What gives CMP the power to make me kowtow to its will, or it will charge me 15 percent  more than others?

Some Mainers would agree with me that solar panels and windmills are a blight to Maine’s scenery. When I was at the beach at Mt. Blue State Park, I could see windmills on the hills to my left.

Some people feel that windmills and solar panels are the final solution to our energy needs and desires. I don’t.

CMP is charging me 15 percent  more than some of its other customers. I thought in America that all people should be charged the same price.

Mike Lapointe, Canton

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