My sister Bonny Bishop is running for state representative for Maine House District 77.

When Don Berry, Oxford County Democratic chair, asked Bonny if she’d consider running for this position, she asked family and friends what they thought, and everyone gave Bonny their full support.

I feel that Bonny is a natural leader; a kind, compassionate supporter of family, friends and community. Bonny is a humanitarian who speaks from the heart and from her vast affiliations, including community committees and groups, volunteer activities, and years of hospice work.

She’s a supporter of Maine’s natural resources as an avid hunter, “fisherman,” kayaker, hiker and gardener.

Bonny is a devoted advocate for the needs of all people, regardless of political, church and state affiliations, race, or social status. Bonny is forthright, honest, caring and knowledgeable. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find it.

Bonny is trustworthy and reliable. The real deal.

Kathy Brown, Sumner

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