To the Editor:

Governor Mills is making community college free. Republicans try to claim that this is going to cost taxpayers the full cost of that education. That is simply not true.

Not only does the student make more money, so does their employer. The profit employers make often exceeds the full wages of the employee. Both the student’s extra wages, and the extra profits a business makes from that education, is also taxable. The best part is both are taxable for an average of 40 years per student. It’s much more likely that this education will be a net gain for taxpayers than it’s likely to cost them anything. When businesses decide to locate or expand, a trained labor pool is much higher on their priority list than anything else, including the tax code.

Yes. Governor Mills and her leadership is providing this education for free; free for the student, free for their employer, and just as free for the taxpayer.

Governor Mills totally gets economics. It’s clear why she was able to triple the size of former Governor LePage’s tiny little rainy day fund he used to brag about.

Bob Jean


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