NORWAY — When Katherine Olinkiewicz realized her dream of running her own bakery last month, she knew that it would include baking lots of whoopie pies among the many treats she is known for.

Katherine Olinkiewicz, left, and Nicole Groves of Katherine’s Bakery and Cafe in Norway assemble 3,200 whoopie pies for a single order by a woman from Oxford, who was not identified. Submitted photo

She opened Katherine’s Bakery & Café on Sept. 1 at 238 Main St., joining the tradition of independent specialty shops that make downtown Norway an Oxford Hills destination.

It was one recent order, however, that turned out to be one for the record books.

Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would bake and deliver 3,200 whoopie pies for one order. But it happened, and she pulled it off this week — not without an obstacle or two to overcome.

“A woman came in one day and asked if she could place an order,” Olinkiewicz said. “She said she lived in Oxford and was hoping I could make a large bulk order in a short amount of time.”

The order equals 6,400 round cakes baked on cookie sheets. An added challenge: a very small kitchen.


“We could only bake 36 halves in an oven at one time, and when we started the whoopies, my bottom oven stopped working,” she said. “It took 45 man-hours. I have a great crew! We all work fantastic together, but with such a short amount of time and an oven down, I did have to reach out to two other friends to help.”

Five people each logged 45 hours for prep, baking and finishing the order.

Picturing what 3,200 whoopie pies looks like is hard to imagine.

Katherine Olinkiewicz, right, and her bakery employees, from left, Tatyanna Thongsavanh, Nicole Groves and Justin Barton, rear, get ready to deliver a van full of whoopie pies. In all, it took two trips to complete the 3,200 order for a woman in Oxford, whose identity was not given. Submitted photo

“I rented a U-Haul van,” Olinkiewicz said, after working through last weekend. “I had to make two deliveries. We finished on Sunday to make a delivery on Monday.”

They completed the order as of Tuesday night, and delivered everything Wednesday.

Olinkiewicz declined to name the customer and business, but expressed her gratitude for such a windfall of whoopie pies.

“When opening my dream I never imaged getting an order so massive,” she said. “Nor did I imagine my product reaching out to so many people. I’m beyond appreciative and happy they found my little store.

“Days off don’t come often but my staff will get their days off very soon. As for me? Hopefully (next) Sunday!”

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