I’ve lived in Lewiston my entire life. I was born here to Franco-American parents and raised my four children here.

When my kids were in school, I knew that Peggy Rotundo was someone who was smart, compassionate, and an advocate for people when they needed her.

I recently found a photo from Montello School’s Night of the Stars, where my then-first-grade son was speaking on stage. Behind him was Peggy, beaming.

In that photo she was in her element: supporting kids and education. The high school lacrosse program that my sons would later love was part of Lewiston’s sports offerings, thanks to her advocacy for the sport.

Peggy also advocates for people when times get tough, like they are now.

I will be voting for Peggy Rotundo to represent Lewiston again. She’s the right choice — and is exactly the kind of person we need in Augusta.

Denise Pettengill, Lewiston

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