PERU — Voters on Tuesday authorized $10,000 requested by Med-Care Ambulance for capital expenses and approved a Land Use Ordinance.

They also repealed three outdated ordinances.

The $10,000 will come from the town’s share of the American Rescue Fund Act.

Med-Care Chief said, “What that allows me to do is between the time the funds are received and Dec. 31, 2024, I am able to match those funds with different grant funds . . . so that we purchase the capital items in the appropriate manner; what we need most urgently first and stretching the funds out to get as many of those items as we can prior to the deadline of Dec. 31, 2024.”

The vote was 458-295.

A Land Use Ordinance, which replaces the Building Permit Ordinance adopted in 2015, establishes minimum standards for construction, relocation, placement, replacement and demolition of structures. It passed by a vote of 547-197.


Selectman Arthur Clifford said the Planning Board and code enforcement officer would be in charge permits.

The ordinance sets the minimum permit fee at $20. The fee for residential building permits is 10 cents per square feet for the main living area and 5 cents per square foot for other areas. For commercial building permits, the fee is 25 cents per square foot.

Previously fees ranged from a low of $10 for up to 200 square feet to $50 plus 3 cents per square foot for buildings over 2,000 square feet.

The dump ordinance, which allowed selectmen to designate certain places to dump rubbish and other waste, was repealed because the town now uses the Northern Oxford Regional Transfer Station in Mexico. The vote was 591-156.

The no parking ordinance was repealed by a vote of 523-183. Selectman Jason Dolloff said when the board did its annual review of ordinances they found it was no longer applicable.

Also repealed was a holding tank ordinance established in 1995 to regulate installation and maintenance of septic tanks for residences and businesses. The vote was 536-206. Town Clerk Deb Coudrain said it was repealed because property owners now go through the state for installing and maintaining tanks.

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