It’s puzzling that Donald Trump’s MAGA Republicans adore a man who cares nothing about them and who promoted two of the biggest lies ever, that he didn’t lose the election (yes, he did) and that the attack on our government Jan. 6, 2021 was acceptable (no, it was horrifying and shameful).

Trump received a huge financial inheritance from his father, but ordinary people won’t be getting help from MAGAs. Wealthy people and big business owners got the only tax cuts Trump and his Republicans passed.

The MAGA “Christian” fundamentalists want women forced back to the days when men expected wives to shut up, go to church, and stay in the kitchen producing meals, or in the hospital producing babies.

Many fear and hate anyone who is “different” — LGBTQ, non-Christian religion, nonwhite skin, politically liberal. They’re semi-hysterical over powerful women like Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Some MAGAs are so hateful that they don’t care about the deranged man who broke into the Pelosis’ home allegedly planning to torture Nancy. Nancy’s husband, age 82, was beaten so badly that he was hospitalized in intensive care.

Republicans are openly planning to cut Social Security and Medicare if they gain power. Rich Republicans don’t need financial help themselves, and they don’t care if the rest of us do, because they have no empathy.

Republicans used to be an agreeable party with some positive ideas, but now all the MAGAs seem to want to do is cause trouble and force us back into the ’50s.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

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