From the very beginning, President Joe Biden told the American people that he would be president for all people and fix the mess that former President Donald Trump had created.

Although I did not vote for Trump, I do recall a much better world we had before Biden took office. A robust economy, low gas prices for a start.

The United States had 638.1 billion barrels of oil in reserve when Trump left office. To show one of Biden’s weaknesses, he pleaded with Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for help.

With inflation rising, he suspended oil and gas leases on federal lands in Alaska. It was a terrible mistake, in my opinion.

At the stroke of a pen Biden took it upon himself to forgive student debt loans for 22 million-plus borrowers, thus transferring $400 billion in debt to taxpayers. Punishing the “ones” who saved a little for future plans and who chose not to create unnecessary debt are left behind.

Biden inherited a booming economy and turned it into a failure.


Biden is the wrong leader for America, and that is no malarkey.

Even our military is coming up short because of his weaknesses. Young men will not put on a uniform in an unjust nation, regardless of the bonuses being offered.

That is no malarkey.

Joe Voisine, The Villages, Florida

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