The election is over. There was no red wave.

Voters chose to keep our functioning democracy by defeating election deniers from gaining control over state elections. There was no voting fraud. It took a court order for an election board controlled by Republicans in Arizona to certify its election results.

Democrats have maintained control of the Senate. Republicans have a slim majority in the House. Their campaigns were about crime and inflation. During the campaign they offered rhetoric but no solutions. Since gaining the majority, their policy talks are about opening many investigations that appear to be more for revenge than substance. It seems as though they should be offering thoughtful ideas on what they would do to bring down inflation and move our country forward.

Republicans want to give prominence to people in their party such as Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor-Greene by giving them powerful committee assignments.

Republican leadership still refuses to condemn the former president for anything, including giving a platform to Ye and Nick Fuentes. His giving a platform to these people normalizes theirs and their followers’ racism and antisemitism because there are no consequences from Republican leadership.

These people have every right to spew their hatred, but no politician who cares for our country should allow them to do so without condemning their words and actions.

The lack of condemnation leads to the corrosion of civil political discourse.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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