If fake news is patently false, and misinformation is based upon mistaken facts, and disinformation is a deliberate lie to achieve a certain end, I do not know how to categorize the front page story from the Associated Press (“How cooking food for feasts made us human,Nov. 22).

This story held up 780,000 year old fishes’ teeth, muddy and burnt — but not too burnt so as to suggest slow cooking — as evidence that our alleged ancestors (Homo erectus) started themselves on an evolutionary trajectory 2 million years ago when they discovered fire and began cooking meat that produced us Homo sapiens with larger brains and, clearly, bigger egos.

My point is that this story was not real news because faith drives both evolution and creationism. No one can declare objectively with confidence that these fishes’ teeth are actually that old, or that anything resembling humans discovered fire that long ago and learned to cook festively and communally, when the tenets of evolution insist natural selection and survival of the fittest are the arbitrators of survival, not partying.

We may wish it were so — and hope it is so — because we want to believe chance and a confluence of chemicals, combined with heat from an unknown source over billions of years, created what we see and know today, rather than give credit to Almighty God, who would not be almighty if he took so long to create us in his own image (See Genesis 1:27; Hebrews 1:1-3).

Mark Wood, Poland

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