Coach: David Buck (third year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: Boys: Fourth at MVCs and eighth at states; Girls: Fourth at MVCs and seventh at states.
Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Bryan Beaucage. Girls: Seniors — Abbey Therriault, Savannah Williams; Junior — Megan Spaulding.
Key losses: Hunter Berry, Logan Morris.
Promising newcomers: RJ Surprenant, Darryl Curtis, Zachariah Webster.
Season outlook: The Cougars have a smaller team but are hoping to duplicate their success from last season.

Dustin Williamson (first year)
KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results:
Girls: Third at KVACs and sixth at states; Boys: Sixth at KVACs and seventh at states.
Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Owen Vincent; Sophomore — Owen Winslow. Girls: Junior — Katherine Garcia; Sophomore — Nora Condit.
Key losses: Natalie Garcia, Caelan McGuigan, Simon Hall, Cooper Dunn, Clay Trafton.
Promising newcomer:
Orrin Slover.
Season outlook: The Red Eddies will be practicing with Leavitt — which Williamson said will make for a great combination to teams. Several Edward Little skiers should have a prosperous season.

Coaches: Stephanie Dolan, Mike Maines
Conference: WMC; Class: B
Top returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Michael Maines; Girls: Junior — Caitlin Sweeney.
Season outlook: Despite a small team, athletes are coming off excellent momentum from last season, when the boys had some solid individual results, including capturing team awards at some races. The coaches say the Patriots know how to work hard and endure new challenges.

Dustin Williamson (20th year)
KVAC; Class: B
Last year’s results:
Girls: Fourth at KVACS and second at states; Boys: Third at KVACs and third at states.
Returning athletes:
Boys: Seniors — Nathaniel Bell, Matthew Gortner, Aidan Lind, Kurtis Mousseau, Logan Ouellette, Elliott Shields; Juniors — Gabe Durazo, Dominick Toscano; Sophomores — Jacob Dening, Hunter Milliken, Tyler Welch. Girls: Seniors — Ali Dening, Hannah Milliken, Iris Petrin; Junior — Abby Marston; Sophomores — Charlotte Brooke, Jade Haylock, Heather Mousseau, Ashley Roy.
Key losses: Ruby Haylock, Emma Callejero, Marit Liekelema.
Promising newcomers: Alexis Barkman, Lindsay Bates, Danny Bergeron, Amaya Bubier, Annabelle Chabot, Dalila Dube, Sage Dunn, Kayla Gauthier, Helene Larue, Sabra Lorrimer, Haley Marston, Maja Zdanowska, Serhil Bezenar, Ivan Bezenar, Alex Corey, Coburn Getty, Adam Howe, Hunter Lemieux, Antonio Peralta, Reed Petrin, Damon Rucci, Reid Sibley, Jett Worcester.
Season outlook: This is the biggest team Williamson has ever coached. The team’s numbers are as impressive as their talent. The return of veterans, including 2021-22 Class B classical and pursuit state champion Logan Ouellette, coupled with a large turnout makes for an exciting season. 

Steve DeAngelis (39 years)
Conference: KVAC; Class: B
Last year’s results: Girls: Second at KVACs, Class B state champions. Boys: Fourth at KVACs and fourth at states.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Ben Adams, Eric Nelson, Conner Easter; Juniors — Silas Bartol, Wyatt Stevenson; Sophomores — Cooper Tarbuck, Eli Smith, Noah Easter. Girls: Seniors — Lina Martinez Nocito, Mary Hatt, Sophie Marr, Ruby Nelson, Katie Dunn; Juniors — Elsa Bergdahl, Olympia Farrell; Sophomore — Ella Martinez Nocito.
Promising newcomers: Chase Knight, Jeff Lemieux, Nick Harper, Molly Woodford, Anwen Kane.
Season outlook: The girls and boys teams feature a mix of experience and newcomers. Experienced skiers will need to step up their performances and leadership as well as help their new teammates improve. The Black Bears’ impressive work ethic and camaraderie means they are off to a great start.

Coach: Dylan Cayer (third year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Returning athletes: Boys: Juniors — Emmet Logsdon, Aiden Arsenault, David Packard; Sophomore: Joseph Packard.
Promising newcomers:
Aiden Granados, Brooke Buotte, Wyatt Perham.
Season outlook:
Despite low numbers, Cayer said the Falcons are determined to do their best on the slopes this season.


Coach: Lucas Milliken (first year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: Boys: Class C state champions.
Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Jeff Warnock; Junior — Carter Butterfield; Sophomore — Robert Butterfield. Girls: Sophomore — Olivia Tozier.
Key losses: Alex Hemingway, Emily Kidd, Cam Walters.
Promising newcomers: Evan Bilodeau, Lyle Hering, Aspen Mitchell, Joselyn Smith, Damien Thurlow.
Season outlook: With more new faces, the Roadrunners look forward to skiing and growing together over the course of the season.

Coach: Emmy Held (fourth year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: Girls: KVAC and Class A state champions; Boys: KVAC and Class A state champions.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Carson Zundel, Cyrus Evans; Junior — James Stinson; Sophomore — Henri McCourt. Girls: Seniors — Bridget Reusch, Moriah Reusch, Delia Colello; Juniors — Natalie McCarthy, Lucinda Carrol, Gracie Ross; Sophomore — Nora McCourt.
Key losses: Emma Charles, Brynne Robbins, Kamryn Joyce, Josh Smith, Alex Hardy.
Promising newcomers: Molly Patterson, Elizabeth Strickland.
Season outlook: With a slew of veterans and a dedicated sophomore class returning, the Cougars could dominate the KVACs and cop another state title.

Coach: Christopher Easton (42 years)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: Boys: Second at KVACs and fourth at states; Girls: Sixth at KVACs and 10th at states.
Returning athletes: Boys: Juniors — Cody Roy, Cameron Sherbinski, Gabriel Dos Reis; Sophomores — Dean Rudman, Noah Damon-Travers. Girls: Sophomore — Emily Sanborn.
Key losses: Henry Swift, Grey Vanderwood, Nick Bancroft, Paul Rudman, Donovan Sanborn, Hakon Teceno.
Promising newcomers: Boys: Ronan Brown, Carson Holme, Jeremiah Lawrence, Blake True, Riley Woodworth. Girls: Meredith Harthorne, Mackenzie Van Nest, Elizabeth Husseys and Emma Palmer.
Season outlook: The Vikings are taking a wait-and-see approach as they begin the season with no returning seniors and a young team.

Coaches: Ben Geissinger (third year), Kerry Brenner (fourth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: Boys: Third at MVCs.
Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Matt Pepe, Owen Schwab, Daniel Wilson; Girls: Sophomores — Skylar Condon, Katie Johnson, Hannah Perkins.
Key losses: Abrahm Geissinger, Samuel Perkins
Promising newcomers: Samuel Geissinger, Natalie Furka, Isaiah Hiscock, Ash Nichols.
Outlook: The Phoenix are hoping to have a scoring girls team this season.

Coach: Kristen Powell (second year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Returning athletes: Sophomores — Kayan DeGruttola, Ella Akers, Katie Devaney, Gabrielle Thompson.
Promising newcomers: Dani Luce, Amy Francis, Tehya Buck.
Season outlook: A seasoned slew of veteran sophomores and influx of young talent should make the Rebels more potent this season.

Steve DeAngelis (39 years)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: Girls: Fourth at MVCs and ninth at states.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Phoebe Dow, Sophia Blanco.
Promising newcomer: Akemi Ruiz Orte.
Season outlook: The Ramblers, who train with Maranacook but score separately, should make another strong showing in the Nordic ski season.

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