It is our time.

Seniors, residents and citizens of Lewiston have been volunteering and supporting all kinds of fundraisers for years as we aged. We have paid our taxes faithfully.

It is our time to get support from residents and our community for senior housing at Martel School.

The Lewiston City Council plans to vote March 7 on extending the option to the Lewiston Housing Authority. More senior housing is seriously needed in Lewiston.

Years ago, seniors could go to the Multi-Purpose Center to have soup and sandwiches so they would not always be alone. That snack place closed, and for a while Meal on Wheels would drop off meals there so seniors could gather and eat together.

That all stopped without protest. The building was turned over to the Longley School.

We seniors have given over and over to the city of Lewiston and our community. It is our time. We should let our city councilors know seniors deserve to be respected and treated with dignity.

It is time to extend the option to the Lewiston Housing Authority to start building senior housing at Martel School as soon as possible.

Diane Grandmaison, Lewiston

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